Cave Heroes Wikia

Note: All abilities have a maximum level of 12.


Name Floor Info Ability Ability effect per level
Sword 4 +2% to attack Fencing 3% double attack
Breastplate 8 +3% to health Blunting 1% less enemy attack on getting hit
Shield 12 +3% to armor Counter 3% counter attack
Dagger 21 +5% to critical damage Crushing 2% critical chance


Name Floor Info Ability Ability effect per level
Bow 4 +4% to attack Revenge 5% more damage per dead ally
Light Armor 9 +2% to health Brotherhood 3% more damage per ally alive
Brigandine 13 +2% to armor Ranging 2% more damage per wound
Arrow 18 +2% to pierce damage Sniping 1% pierce chance


Name Floor Info Ability Ability effect per level
Staff 7 +3% to attack Protect 2% chance to cast protection
Mantle 10 +3% to health Dodge 2% chance to dodge
Jacket 13 +2% to armor Stun 2% chance to stun
Amulet 24 +1% to healing Agility 1 more initiative

Dark Equipment

Name Info
Absorber +X% to health per each worker
Dark Orb +X% to attack of all heroes per every attack

Resets on death of squad

Claw Ring +X% Spike drop from bosses
Archsword +X% to experience gains
Scaly armor +X% to all heroes armor
Internal Flail +X% to all heroes attack
Glaring amulet +X% to effect of Gorgon's Eye
Horned Crown +X% to dark mana loot
Bone Ring +X% to power of spells
Spiked Belt Guaratees 1 regular scrap per X amount enemies killed