Cave Heroes Wikia
X% are writen this way due to the possibility of increasing these numbers through multiple means.
Artifact Ability Cave Unlocked
Amulet of Ressurrection Grants the ability to Resurrect fallen heroes.
Ancient Tome Collects knowledge about enemies and their weaknesses.

(Gives bonuses when killing enough of some enemies)

Mystic Box Storage for mystical things. (Green chest rewards)
Golden Horseshoe Gives up to X% of any random produced resource when

returning from afk. (Must exit game to take affect)

Slave Shackles Increases offline production speed by X%
Arcanum Archmages and upgrades to the Amulet grant a compound

increase to Julia's heal ability (Max 666 Archmages)

Whip Trains Mana Overseer to build Mana Labs and hire Assistants.
Rune Key Oddly shaped stone key with demonic runes.


Scheme Describes how to build furnace (Unlocks Furnace)
Scalpel Allows you to place beings inside deamons.
Carver Knife Allows collectin of eggs from Harpys. (Need 66+ wounds)
The Cross Perk Spells grant a compund increase to the cure spell.

Increases perk value by 1% for each Archdemon Killed.

Amulet Of Mana +X base mana/second
Endless Vial +X base mana/second
Gray Stone +X base mana/second
Golden Goose +X% to gold production
Sacred Gem +X% to gems production
Ring of Health +X base health to Connor
Charmed Thimble +X base health to Robin
Amulet Of Health +X base health to Julia
Shoulderplates +X base armor to Connor
Helmet +X base armor to Robin
Chain Armor +X base armor to Julia
Anvil Of Gnomes +X% to pierce ability of Robin
Cloves Of Power +X base attack to Julia
Greatsword +x base attack to Connor
Elf Bow +X base attack to Robin
Ring of Cure Allows cure spell to heal all heros at once.
Libram Of Mastery Increase power of cure spell by X% per cave level.
Family Recipes Reduces spell cost, especially expensive ones.
Blue Statue +X% to maximum workers
White Statue +X% to maximum workers