Cave Heroes Wikia


Name Floor Info Imbuement
Granary 1 +100% to maximum food
Storage 1 +100% to maximum wood
Forge 3 +100% to maximum metal
Well 2 +100% to maximum mana Well produces 0.2 mana. (Max Level 13)
Foundry 16 +1 gold/second. Allows to hire Gold Miners
Workshop 23 +0.1 gems/second. Allows to hire Jewelers


Name Floor Info Imbuement
Hut 3 +1 to maximum workers Increases health of all heroes by 1% per hut. (Max level 13)
House 10 +3 to maximum workers Increases armor of all heroes by 3% per house. (Max level 13)
Apartments 25 +7 to maximum workers Increases attack of all heroes by 0.8% per apartment. (Max level 13)
Castle 30 +15 to maximum workers
Etherealion 40 +50 to maximum workers

Name Floor Info Imbuement
Altar +5% to mana production Increases numerical power of all Artifacts by 0.02% per alter. (Max level 13)
Temple +10% to mana production
Sanctuary +15% to mana production
Mana Lab +X base mana/second Increases the power of Loathing perk by +0.01% (final value) per Mana Lab,

but reduces the max number of deaths by 0.013% per Mana Lab (up to .001% max)

(Max level 6)


Name Floor Info
Arena 7 +1% critical chance to Warrior. Allows to hire 10 Veterans
Archery 11 +1% to pierce ability of Archer. Allows to hire 10 Snipers
Magic School 17 +10 to heal ability of Cleric. Allows to hire 10 Archmages
Spell Factory 6 Adds 1 slot for battle spells and enables to hire 5 Mages
Furnace Quest reward from "Fluent Servant" Increases characteristics of all heroes
Collector Event reward from Refiny Rescue Produces 0.15% of Max Dark Mana per day. (stays after Dark Ritual)