Cave Heroes Wikia

Regular Enemies

Name Description Statistics Features Cave Drop
Demon Icon.png
The most numerous group of hell soldiers. They have no special abilities. Initiative: 5 --- 1 ---
Fire Demon Icon.png
Fire Demon
Long range soldier of hell, can attack any hero in your army. Initiative: 22
  • Attack any
Fallen Icon.png
Powerful demon attacking all heroes at once. Initiative: 26
  • Attack All
6 Feather
Hellhound Icon.png
It's almost impossible to avoid claws of the hellhound. This creature always attacks first. Initiative: 34 Low initiative, always attack first 9 Claw
Nightmare Icon.png
Long range hell soldier. Attacks twice in a row for one turn. Initiative: 11
  • Attack any
  • Double attack
14 Horn
Vampire Icon.png
Dangerous soldier of dark forces. A vampire restores his health based on inflicted damage. Initiative: 12
  • Leech 16%
16 Tooth
Succubus Icon.png
Wicked demon in female form. Succubus can stun your hero, forcing him to miss one turn. Initiative: 16
  • Attack any
  • Stun 50%
19 Sting
Gargoyle Icon.png
Extremely durable demon with stone skin. A Gargoyle is difficult to kill with a regular weapon. Initiative: 4 Strong armor 24 Fragment
Banshee Icon.png
These creatures were magicians once. Adter death Banshee's magic skills only increased, now even Protection can't always protect from their spells. Initiative: 8
  • Attack All
  • Pierce Armor 100%
  • Pierce Protection 66%
29 Skull
File:Bleeder Icon.png
  • Bleeding
  • Attack any at 6+ wounds
  • Regeneration 16% at 16+ wounds
  • Pierce Protection 16% at 26+ wounds

Every wound you inflict make it stronger.

92 Clot
File:Servant Icon.png
  • No abilities

When on a level with a Wraith boss, it is consumed by the Wraith as a new body when the Wraith is defeated.


Unique / Quest Enemies[]

Name Statistics Features Appears
Fallen Priest Icon.png
Fallen Priest
  • Attack Any
  • Death Shot
  • Death Blast 26

One shot hero to 1 hit point and deal unblockable damage on death.

Sanctuary quest
Inferno Demon
  • Attack All
  • Counterattack 66%
The Lost Glove quest
Vampire Lord
  • Leech 26%
  • Double attack 56%
Cave 50 & Vampire Sword quest
Succubus queen Icon.png
Succubus Queen
Initiative: 33
  • Attack Any
  • Stun 100%
Cave 50 & The Bow quest
Shadow Takes the place of an Archdemon after it has been killed.
  • Dodge X%
  • Attack Any

The dodge % and health are affected by which Archdemon it is a shadow of. Also, the dodge % can be lowered by the Wraiths Adept reward

90, 110, 130, 150
Dark Archmage Repeatable quest boss that gets stronger every time you beat him.
  • Supreme
  • Attack All
  • Dark Strike X
Dark Archmage Quest
Devastator Really tough enemy, Occurs once every run (?) after you have killed the 2nd archdemon. Strength depends on what cave level it spawns on. Min lvl: 67? Max lvl depends on killed Archdemons: 2=109 3=129
  • Cannibalism
  • Dispel
  • Attack Any
  • Attack All
  • Double Attack X%

Has a varying number of the above skills, not all of them.

Drops Spike

Warmaster The main power of the Warmaster is that unlike other demons, they are able to fight with the other demons.
  • Double Attack 100%
Cave 133
Centipedes Centipedes are parasites of Skolopendropthoth. Long life with a word filled them with poison and magic
  • Attack Any
  • Poison X: Increases poison by X.
  • Poison Splash X%: Increases poison up to X% on all alive heroes when the unit died.
Cave 152


Note: All boss auras make it so that enemies restore their health, attack, and armor after a squad death. This does not bring defeated enemies back. Aura's stop upon defeating the boss.

Cave Name Stats Abilities Aura Reward
PitLord Icon.png
Pit Lord
Attack 31

Armor 6

Health 666

Initiative 30

  • Berserk 20%
Pit Lord Aura: As long as Pit Lord is alive every enemy gets +16% to attack each turn. Unlocks 3 Perks
  • Critic Hit
  • Pierce
  • Heal

Dark Mana: 10

Cerberus Icon.png
Attack 66

Armor 13

Health 1366

Initiative 1

  • Attack All
Cerberus Roar: As long as Cerberus is alive every enemy gets -10 to initiative. Unlocks 3 Perks
  • Attack
  • Armor
  • Health

Dark Mana: 35

HellKnight Icon.png
Hell Knight
Attack 96

Armor 0

Health 2066

Initiative 29

  • Blunting 6%
  • Regeneration 6%
  • Pierce Protection 100%
  • Pierce armor 66%
Hell Domination: Hell Knight casts powerful demonic aura around, so each demon is healed by 16% each turn. Unlocks Mana Perk

Dark Mana: 75

20 Pit Lord Attack 166

Armor 113

Health 9966

Initiative 30

  • Berserk 30%
X Unlocks Discipline Perk

Dark Mana: 125

25 Cerberus Attack 996

Armor 666

Health:13.7K Initiative 1

  • Attack All
X Unlocks Storages Perk

Dark Mana: 180

30 Hell Knight Attack 666

Armor 0

Health 20.7K

Initiative 29

  • Blunting 6%
  • Regeneration 16%
  • Pierce Protection 100%
  • Pierce armor 66%
X Unlocks Loot Perk

Dark Mana: 250

35 Pit Lord Attack 6666

Armor 6666

Health 667K

Initiative 30

  • Supreme
  • Berserk 66%
  • Double Attack 66%
X Unlocks Housing Perk

Dark Mana: 340

40 Cerberus Attack 6666

Armor 6666

Health 6.67M

Initiative 1

  • Supreme
  • Attack All
X Unlocks Equipment Perk

Dark Mana: 440

45 Hell Knight Attack 9006

Armor 0

Health 16.7M

Initiative 29

  • Supreme
  • Blunting 6%
  • Regeneration 6%
  • Pierce Protection 100%
  • Pierce armor 66%
X Unlocks Spells Perk

Dark Mana: 550

50 Demon Overlord Attack 66.7K

Armor 0

Health 1B

Initiative 29

  • Attack Any
  • Pierce Protection 66%
  • Supreme
  • Reinforcement
X Dark Mana: 690
66 Beast Attack 0

Armor 0

Health 6T

Initiative 113

  • Awakening: Every time this unit is attacked increases attack by 66%, increases a chance of Double Attack by 6%, when it reaches 100% gives a Pierce Protection ability and increases its chance by 4%
X Unlocks Loathing Perk

Dark Mana:


90 Stenchoth* Attack 0

Armor 1B

Health 6QI

Initiative 30

  • Weaken: Decreases the attack of one hero by 1000 times on one turn. Cooldown 0 turns.
  • Die: Kill one hero instantly. Cooldown 9 turns.
Stench: The most primitive demons are the only creatures that can tolerate this stench. It damages all the other creatures by 142K per second. The damage increases over time. Unlocks Dark Orb

Dark Mana: 1836

95 Lich Attack 66M

Armor 166M

Health 13T

Initiative 4

  • Supreme
  • Dark Strike 66M
Disorder: All your spells are randomly replaced by the effect of another spell Dark Mana: 2100
100 Lich Attack 166M

Armor 266M

Health 666T

Initiative 4

  • Supreme
  • Dark Strike 113M
Haphazard: Gives enemies 2 random abilities. Enemies do not recover attack and armor. Dark Mana: 2500
105 Lich Attack 213M

Armor 366M

Health 6Qa

Initiative 4

  • Supreme
  • Dark Strike 96M
  • Dark Strike 96M
Magic Storm: Cast a random effect on an enemy or hero. effects change between: injure rage,heal, weaken protect, rage, and stun. Dark Mana: 3000
110 Slugoth* Attack 1.6B

Armor 0

Health 96QI

Initiative 30

  • Supreme
  • Attack Any
  • Cutting: Deals 3 to 6 wounds to himself
  • Recovery: Heal 3 to 7 wounds.
  • Everyone, Die: Kills all heroes instantly. Cooldown 113 turns. Note: It's cooldown goes down for every wound received
Incision Aura: Deals wounds to demons at random intervals. Unlocks Refinement

Dark Mana: 3500

115 Wraith Attack 1.6B

Armor 0

Health 6Qi

Initiative 29

  • Supreme
  • Attack Any
  • Dodge 36%
Illusion: 13% chance that your hero will attack one of your allies Dark Mana: 4200
120 Wraith Attack 1.6B

Armor 0

Health 16Qi

Initiative 29

  • Supreme
  • Attack Any
  • Dodge 26%

After 1st kill Wraiths get

  • Berserk 6%

After 2nd kill Wraiths get

  • Double Attack 16%

After 3nd kill Wraiths get

  • Berserk 16%
Devouring: Wraith gets new abilities and +100% to health when reborn. Dark Mana: 5000
125 Wraith Attack 1.6B Armor 0

Health 66Qi

Initiative 29

  • Supreme
  • Attack All
  • Dodge 16%
Demonic Fog: This hynotic fog gives enemy a random ability for one turn. Dark Mana: 6000
130 Hypnototh* Attack 166B

Armor 6Qi

Health 666Qi

Initiative 3

  • Supreme
  • Attack Any
  • Protect Me: Marks the hero as a protector, forcing him to take the next attack on himself.
  • Fight For Me: Marks the hero as a traitor, forcing him to attack the ally on his next turn.
Amnesia: Each turn the hero loses 20% of random ability. The death of the hero restores all abilities back. Unlocks Enslavement Perk

Dark Mana: 7000

135 Harpy Attack 16T

Armor 666T

Health 36Qi

Initiative 1

  • Supreme
  • Fly
  • Attack Any
  • Feather Storm 6%
Onslaught: The enemy has a 36% chance to attack after each hero. Dark Mana: 8200
140 Harpy Attack 26T

Armor 6Qa

Health 66Qi

Initiative 1

  • Supreme
  • Fly
  • Attack Any
  • Feather Storm 13%
Warspeed: Warmasters apply 2 effects per turn. Dark Mana: 9700
145 Harpy Attack 36T

Armor 666Qa

Health 96Qi

Initiative 1

  • Supreme
  • Fly
  • Attack Any
  • Feather Storm 16%
Warcrease: Warmaster's effects are tripled. i.e. 48% heal, remove 3 wounds, 78% berserk. Dark Mana: 11400
150 Armathoth* Attack 6T

Armor 66Qi

Health 666Sx


  • Onslaught: The demon attacks each time after your hero
  • Executioner: The hero killed by the demon cannot be resurrected.
  • Disruption: The hero attacked by the demon cannot be protected.
  • Attack Any
  • Might: Heals one wound, berserks demon by 13% and restore his armor to initial value. Cool-Down 1 turn.
No additional aura, but enemies do restore stats between deaths. Unlocks Archsword

Dark Mana: 13500

The * After a name denotes that boss is an Archdemon. They are only killed once and after being killed a shadow is left behind where they used to be for subsequent runs. The floor aura on their floor will always be in effect even after they are killed regardless of whether or not a shadow is present. Although after an Archdemon is killed for the first time enemies will not restore their stats upon party death even with a shadow present.


Special enemies don't fit into a normal opponent, either requiring a special tactic or trick to defeat.

Some of these opponents have some protection against some cheese tactics, such as increased attack power based on the armor+heal power of the party.

Cave Name Description Stats Abilities Reward
Overseer Icon.png
You have only one blow to kill Overseer. Once Overseer gets Fury, no one can stop him. He kills everybody around and runs back home - to hell. ---
  • Fury X: Increases attack and health of the unit by X times. Resets armor to zero
  • Dispel All: Removes all active spells from all heroes
  • Disability All: Remove all abilities from all heroes
  • Furious X: Increase the attack by (X)T and gives abilities - Pierce Protection X% and Double Attack X%.

Note: May only be fought once.

Subsequent kills give 0.5% production bonus to Food, Wood and Metal.

29 Demon Guardian Attack (max armor)+(cleric Heal)+3%
Armor 666
Health 56K
Initiative 34
  • Hate Mages
  • Regeneration 66%

Note: Vulnerable to ranging ability.

Brotherhood ability.
Quest Sanctuary
Fallen Priest Icon.png
Fallen Priest
Don't be misled by Priest's sickly appearance, his blow is deadly. When Priest dies, he explodes and causes unblockable damage to all heroes. Initiative: 15
  • Attack Any: The enemy can attack any hero in your army
  • Death Shot: Decreases the health of the enemy to 1. Kill the enemy if he has only 1 health.
  • Death Blast X: Damages the enemy by X when the unit died.