You have only one blow to kill Overseer. Once Overseer gets Fury, no one can stop him. He kills everybody around and runs back home - to hell. - Ancient Tome

Type: Special Enemy

  • In order to receive the gift of the Overseer, you have to kill him, usually in the first hit, after which he will join you;
  • If you fail to take him out in the first hit he will get extremely strong and virtually unkillable (this becomes important for Academy); you will be able to get another try next time you reach that overseer's floor.

Initiative: 1,6

Drops: Initial wins will give the rewards described below, later wins will give you a stacking production bonus per Overseer you have bested of 0.5% production boost to food wood and metal, per overseer (200+ = 100%+, really handy in the long run)

Storage Overseer – Build granary, storage and forge when they are filled up to specified percent. Floor 13, 96 HP, 13 Armor

Well Overseer – Build well when we can afford it up to specified quantity. Floor 18, 166 HP, 66 Armor

Housing Overseer – Build all housing structures up to specified quantity Floor 23, 296 HP, 96 Armor

Arsenal Overseer – Automaticly buys equipment and abilities. Floor 28, 466 HP, 166 Armor

Workers Overseer – Assigns workers equally between resource production, leave unoccupied specified amount of workers. Floor 33, 666 HP, 366 Armor

Mana Overseer – Build all mana structures up to specified quantity Floor 37, 1666 HP, 1066 Armor

Gold & Gems Overseer – Build foundries and workshops, hire gold miners and jewelers up til specified amount per facility Floor 59, 666k HP, 66k Armor (Note: He always hits first, he DISPELS your spells, he DISABLES your abilities, you have a split second to apply a stack of rages to whichever character is first, crit and pierce won’t work, often used strategy is let Warrior die and rage up Archer

Furnace Overseer - Trying to build while it is in range. Stops other overseers if Hold is on. Floor 128

Spell Overseer - Ensured that one X is ready. Cast one X every fight. Works in Caves ( range is freely setable). X is any of the spells. Floor 131


  • Fury X: Increases attack and health of the unit by X times. Resets armor to zero.
  • Dispel all: Removes all active spells from all heroes
  • Disability all: Removes all abilities from all heroes
  • Furious X
  • Tome bonus: None
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