Cave Heroes Wikia
Name Floor Effect
Critical Hit 5 +0.5% to critical chance and +10% critical damage of Warrior. (Max perk lvl 20)
Pierce 5 +0.5% to pierce armor ability of Archer. (Max perk lvl 20)
Heal 5 +2.5 to heal ability of Cleric. (Max perk lvl 20)
Attack 10 +5% (compound) to attack of all heroes.
Armor 10 +5% (compound) to armor of all heroes.
Health 10 +5% (compound) to health of all heroes.
Mana 15 +5% (compound) to mana production.
Discipline 20 +5% (compound) to all resource production.
Storage 25 +5% (compound) to storages capacity.
Loot 30 +3% (compound) to gold, gems and dark mana loot.
Housing 35 +5% (compound) to maximum workers.
Equipment 40 -3% (compound) to equipment and abilities cost.
Spells 45 +10 to battle spells power.
Loathing 66 +0.06% to attack for each death of your squad in a cave. Capped depending on perk level. Resets every cave. [Cap is increased by 5.6% (compound) each level]
Enslavement 130 Allows to enslave monsters to work as Overseer