Cave Heroes Wikia

Artifact Quests

Name Floor Special Artifact Artifact info
- - - Amulet of Resurrection Resurrects fallen heroes
- - - Ancient Tome This ancient tome has the likeness of the mind. He will collect knowledge about your enemies and their weaknesses.
- - - Amulet of Mana +0.3 base mana/second
Fire Gang 3 - Ring of Health +10 base health to Warrior
Demon Hunter 7 Only Archer Charmed Thimble +10 base health to Archer
Cursed Temple 7 Poison Aura (lose 2hp per tile) Amulet of Health +15 base health to Cleric
Homeland 9 Only Warrior Shoulderplates +15 base armor to Warrior
Lost Relic 10 No Spells Ring of Cure Allows Cure spell to heal all your heroes at once
Ancient Helmet 11 No Armor Helmet +10 base armor to Archer
Sanctuary 13 Special Monster; Fallen Priest Endless Vial +0.25 base mana/second
Legendary Hero 14 Berserk Spot (Monsters gain +13% damage every turn) Libram of Mastery Increase power of Cure spell 10% per cave level
Mystic Treasure 16 Only Cleric Mystic Box Mystic storage for mystic things
Hidden Cave 18 Life Spot (Monsters heal 20% per turn) Chain Armor +10 base armor for Cleric
The Spell 19 No Spells Golden Horseshoe Gives up to 50% of any random produced resource once you come back to the game
Twilight Cave 22 No Spells Slave Shackless Increases offline production by 50%
Alive Sculptures 24 - Golden Goose +100% to gold production
Avenge 25 Power Spot (Monsters gain +20% attack and heal 20% each turn) Blue Statue +10% to maximum workers
Secret of Banshees 29 Haste Spot (Monsters have -20 initiative) Gray Stone +0.4 base mana/second
The Trap 33 Poison Aura (lose 46 hp per tile) Sacret Gem +100% to gem production
Cave of Gnomes 36 Only Archer Anvil of Gnomes +5% chance to pierce for Archer
The Lost Glove 36 Infernal Spot (Monsters reflect 6% of damage) + Special Monster; Inferno Demon Gloves of Power +25 base attack to Cleric
Vampire Sword 39 Cannot cast protection spell + Special Monster; Vampire Lord Greatsword +35 base attack to Warrior
Charmed Statues 40 Monsters deal 3000 damage when killed White Statue +15% to maximum workers
The Bow 42 Pierce Spot (Monsters have 66% chance to pierce protection and armor) + Special Monster; Succubus Queen Elf Bow +40 base attack to Archer
White Citadel 92 Only Cleric Arcadum Archmages and upgrades to the Clerics Amulet grants a compound increase to the Clerics heal
Mage Rescue 102 Cannot cast protection spell Family Recipes Reduces mana cost of spells, especially the expensive ones
The Teacher 108 No spells Whip Trains the Mana Overseer to build Mana Labs and hire Assistants
Ancient Key 118 Imbecility (Heroes have no abilities) Rune Key Opens road to chests on 116
Fluent Servant 123 Stench Scheme Unlocks Furnace
Savior 125 No magic "The Gremlins" Reward -
Demonic Being 133 Defencelessness, Protection spell doesn't work here. Scalpel You can implant ancient beings into overseers affected by the Hypnothoth's curse (Makes Warmasters)
Harpy Treasure 136

[In the locked area]

(Might require Warmasters)

Magic Limit, The powerful mix of magic and demonic power affects your Spell Factory so you can cast only 7 spells here Carver Knife This sharp knife allows you to get an Egg out of a wounded Harpy (need 66+ wounds).
Cross of Healer 144 Only Cleric The Cross Perk Spells grants a compound increase to the Cure spell. Increases perk value by 1% for each killed archdemon

Repeatable Quests

Name Floor Special Reward
Dark Archmage 99 Protect Aura (Monsters gain protection)+Special Monster; Dark Archmage Reduces cost of all global spells (excluding Speed Up and Rampage) by 1