Cave Heroes Wikia
Name Info Max Lvl
Charmed Imp Imp can drop 10 seconds of Time Rite 30 Sec
Seer Gives 0.5% chance to get rare equipment 6% chance
Refined spirituality +50% to health +200%
Refined Prediction +25% to attack +100%
Archseer Gives 0.1% chance to get legendary equipment 1,2% chance
Refined Clairvoyance +5% to Dark Mana +50%
Consecration +0.5% Dark Mana loot per Harpy egg +2%
Thrift 0.1% chance to drop regular scrap 1% chance
Providence Gives 1 chest token 10 chest tokens
Vision Assiduity Increases speed of upgrading dark equipment
Vision Polishing Increases secondary effects of dark equipment
Vision Ferocity Increases effect of Cannon Fodder reward
Convolution +1% to Collectors +15%